What Are Witch Herbs and Are They Magic

Woman gathering magic witch herbs

“Gather all leaves in the hour of that planet that governs them”

– Nicholas Culpeper (English physician and herbalist 1616-1654)

What Are Witch Herbs

Witch herbs are pure natural magic expressed in the form of plants. These plants can be ingredients for spells or rituals, but they are also a bridge between our everyday life and magic.

The magic of witch herbs

Why Do We Need Witch Herbs

In today’s modern life we are tightly focused and do not have time to let our minds wander. We have conditioned ourselves to filter our senses and lock them down tight.

Girl daydreaming and not focused

As children we are punished for being distracted.

As adults we jokingly label ourselves as ADHD when something we see or hear suddenly draws us away from our task.

We learn to put on blinders and ignore everything that doesn’t apply to our immediate goal.

If we want to live and breathe magic we need witch herbs to break down our barriers.

How Are Witch Herbs Magic

Witch Herbs speak directly to our senses and tell us about magical things. They seep through the corners of our awareness and help us release the death grip we have on our focus.

They float by as a familiar smell.

Girl smelling magic herbs 
in the field

They call to our hands to brush through their leaves and feel interesting textures.

Woman rubbing her fingers through rosemary the queen of witch herbs

They make room in our busy minds for magic to move in.

An eye appearing inward making room for magic

You probably have felt the magic of witch herbs without even realizing it. Take Rosemary for example, she is not shy or subtle. She will practically scream her magic at you.

Try A Little Experiment

Go experience Rosemary for the first time or hundredth time, but this time shut out outside thoughts and leave some elbow room in your mind. Let her talk to your senses and just feel.

She may talk about the bees collecting pollen from her flowers and how she is good for energy and protection.

Or how the strong smell of her leaves instill confidence and courage.

This is a little taste of natural magic.

Rosemary, the queen of witch herbs

Do I Have to Grow Herbs to Make Magic

If you can grow some herbs do it. It will be worth the trouble even if it is just a few pots on your balcony or a window ledge. Don’t wait for perfect conditions if you do not have your ideal place now.

Turn your waiting room into your classroom.

Try growing something no matter how small. You will be soaking up magic and learning with every experience you have.

Woman planting lavender another magic witch herb

But it is okay if you can’t grow all of your own herbs. Not even the best witch can grow everything she needs. You will need to find the right gardens to charge your magical batteries and markets to buy your herbs.

Where Do I Find Magic Gardens

My biggest score was alongside a nearby railroad track. I spotted the tall red spires of standing cypress wildflowers in the weeds near the tracks. These flowers were an unexpected find because most land in my area is plowed and planted for wheat and corn every year.

That was the only place I have ever seen that plant in the wild. It was a joy to find a place that had been left undisturbed.

Here is a list of some of my favorite garden places

Magic Gardens to Recharge Your Batteries chart

While you are there be sure to try these things

A bridge in the woods of a magic garden place

Soak in the smells and feel the weather on your skin,

A full moon and a spider spinning its web

Watch the moon and look for the little creatures that live there.

A sundial in fall

Visit at different times of the day and year to experience the changing seasons.

Where Can I Buy Witch Herbs

Farmers markets and roadside stands are excellent places to buy your herbs. The vendors who grow what they sell have a deep spiritual connection with their plants and understand their needs.

Magic Witch Herbs for sale at a farmers market

Local markets offer us so much. They are a wonderful opportunity to meet people who share our interests and they are a wealth of information. We MUST support these markets as much as possible to encourage our growers and to keep our valuable resources close at hand.

As an added bonus, it is almost effortless to meet some really nice humans in these places. Make it part of your weekly routine and you will find yourself swapping seeds and stories in no time!

Fresh or Dried

Be choosey and source the freshest herbs you can. It will have a positive affect on your magic if you follow the natural rhythm of the plant’s cycle.

Do not expect to find what you need all the time. Fruit and vegetables do not taste their best off season and herb quality with be poorer too. Find heat loving basil and lemongrass in the middle of summer and cool loving coriander in early spring.

Dried witch herbs preserved in jars

It is better to start with whole leaf, bud or bark than chopped or crushed. If your recipe requires a dried ingredient or infused spirit, you will get a much better end product by preparing the herb yourself.

Just think how proud you will be when you see those filled jars lined up on the shelf!

What If They Don’t Grow In My Area

If your location gets too cold (or in my case too hot) to grow something you need, try your online communities. Join groups on social media and follow your favorite bloggers. It is a great way to get information and find actual plants.

True Story: One of the blogs I follow is a herb loving farmer in the Michigan area. When I needed Jewelweed (impatients capensis) for a poison ivy remedy, she volunteered to pick and box some up for me if I would pay the shipping. It arrived in a moving box and it looked like she had packed an entire shrub in there!

Which Witch Herbs Do I need

ALL OF THEM of course!

At first glance some of these herbs sound like ones you would chop up for the kitchen. Most are great for culinary purposes, but these below have magic properties that make them effective for cleansing rituals and spell craft.

These lists are a good starting point but you will most definitely be adding to them the more you experiment.

A list of common witch herbs
A list of medicinal witch herbs
A list of Witch herbs for protection
A List of Witch herbs I reach for

What Can I Make With Witch Herbs

This next step is the best one. What are you going to do with all of your magic witch herbs?

Will you whip up a purification spell or create your own spiritual cleansing ritual? Maybe you’re knee deep in harvest season and have your hands full stripping leaves and drying your haul to keep yourself in ingredients until next season.

Until next time – Happy Witching from Tru

I would love to hear about your own natural witchcraft journey so please leave comments for me below.

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