Natural Witch

I am certainly not the normal Gen Xer.

I’ve been a master gardener, beekeeper and goat milker as well as a programmer for a major tech company. I was around when Pong was invented and I still identify as a gamer girl.

Like degrees? I’ve got one in Sociology from a woman’s college. It didn’t help me find a job but it did solidify the framework for most of my world views.

Tru is thinking that life should not be boring
Normal is boring

Favorite Places to Find Me

Outdoors or in a book

looking at tadpoles
Looking at tadpoles

The love of growing and the outdoors came from my grandfather who I spent summers with on his farm. If I’m not digging in the dirt you can find me sloshing through streams catching tadpoles.

Rainy day reading to the cat

And if I wasn’t outside with the fairies I was reading about them. In my elementary school library I went through the entire color spectrum of the Lang fairy tale books and never stopped reading. I LOVE fantasy lit.

making lavender wands
Making lavender wands

What I do as a natural witch

I grow LOTS of herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. I love cataloging all our wildflowers and walking through our little bit of woods.

Raising goats is one of my greatest joys but it is also my greatest worry during kidding season.

Soap making is big at my place, as well as making herbal salts, pillows and many other herbal products. My mantra is MADE BY NATURE – no artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives!

I collect gemstones and make metaphysical jewelry and focal objects. I enjoy the tactile side of macrame and the resonance of the stones.

smudge sticks with dried florals
Smudge Sticks with dried florals
fluorite I found in New Mexico
Fluorite I found in New Mexico

My Familiars

Phoebe cat
Purrsephone cat
Jade cat